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Richard Winters 3 Day
Horsemanship Clinics
at Dream Weaver Farms:

Advancing Horsemanship
Clinic With Cattle
October 7-9, 2016

Horsemanship Clinics
Establish Trust and Respect
with your Equine Partner

Richard Wiinters Horsemanship Clinic

Dream Weaver Farms is hosting a 3 Day Advancing Horsemanship Clinic with Cattle with Richard Winter on October 7-9, 2016. This clinic is for riders who already have established control and respect with their horses, and will help confidant riders obtain more refinement, collection and body control with their equine partners working with cows. Incorporating cows and other obstacles will give practical application to the subtle nuances of the horse/human relationships.

Three Day Horsemanship Clinic, October 7-9, 2016: 
Dream Weaver Farms is Hosting a 3 Day Horsemanship Clinic with Richard Winters Horsemanship. This cow clinic is for riders who want to advance their skills with the use of cattle.

Three Day Clinic Cost:
3 day- Horsemanship Clinic: $650.00 
Audit Fee:  
Bring a chair and learn. $25/day, $60/weekend per person

Hookups - $60.00 per weekend.
Horse/Arena/Cow Fees- Price Included with these clinics.
Nightly Boarding Fees - $60 per weekend.
NOTE: We have 5 matted stalls, paddocks, and plenty of pasture available. Please Contact Dreamweaver Farms to check on availability before paying for your clinic.

Clinic Schedule:
Date: October 7-9, 2016.
Time 9am-4pm w/lunch break

Spots are limited so if you are interested in attending the Richard Winters Clinic please Contact Lynn Decker to secure your spot.

Registration Form:
After you have been approved to attend by Lynn Decker, please fill out our Clinic Registration Form and Equine Release and Hold Harmless Agreement.

Make check or money order payable to: Richard Winters
and mail your payment, Clinic Registration Form and Equine Release and Hold Harmless Agreement to:

Lynn Decker
733 Zion Church Rd
Crockett, VA 24323

Driving Directions:
Get directions from anywhere in the United States HERE

Area lodging within 10 to 25 miles:
Bed and Breakfasts:
Comfort Suites 276-228-1234
Cripple Creek B&B


Note: No kids or dogs allowed
Country Inn 276-223-1058
Econo Lodge 276-228-5525
Hampton Inn 276-228-6090
Best Western 276-228-7300

Frequently asked questions:
1. Can I leave my trailer parked and stay in a motel?
Yes we will have plenty of trailer parking.

Other Questions? Please Contact Dreamweaver Farms

Dream Weaver Farms

733 Zion Church Rd, Crockett, VA 24323
276-686-6647 or 276-620-1221

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