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Colt Starting

Mustang TrainingMustang Training Testimonial:
I found Dream Weaver Farms through the BLM's mustang training program as I searched for someone with Mustang training experience near my hometown. I was surprised to find one so close and it has truly been a blessing.

Lynn and Husband Steve picked my Sulphur Herd Mustang up from the Asheville, NC BLM facility in April of 2011 to bring her to Dream Weaver Farms for training. I was invited to work with Lynn as much as possible and stayed the first week on the Farm. Lynn was working with her from day one and by day three had a saddle blanket on her and day four a blanket and saddle tree. Sabana, as I named the Palomino Mustang, was also allowing weight to be applied to the tree. Desensitizing and ground work went great and Lynn just seemed to have that "horse whisperers" touch in handling the young 2 year old.

Mustang FoalNot long after training began and Lynn was bathing and grooming, she felt a movement and it was confirmed that Sabana was pregnant. She had a beautiful dun filly in June and was a great mother. Lynn had done such a wonderful job with her training in the two months that she worked with Sabana that the mare was as calm as one would ever want one to be during foaling. Leading up to the moment of birth, she just wanted to be loved on and petted. Afterward she just laid there and allowed us to handle the baby as we would want exhibiting no nervousness at all (very unlike a wild horse).

Mustang Colt StartingI honestly do not have enough space to express all the accolades I have for this couple. But I can say this: if you want a honest assessment of your horses ability to be trained, you can allow Lynn to evaluate your horse. If you want the best training short of the big names such as Parelli, Anderson, Curtin and such... you have found it in Lynn Decker. She gives you the best of training at much less cost while giving your horse the much deserved love and personal attention it most likely would not get in a different training facility.

You can contact me personally if you wish at ldratliff@vmmicro.net for comments.

Rev. Larry D. Ratliff, Sr.
Retired Engineer and Minister

Horse Training

Horse Training VAChief is a horse that was sold from
Dream Weaver Farms:

Hope you are doing well. I am sending you two pictures of Chief and Dana taken this past Summer. Sorry for taking so long to get them to you. I was hoping to get some more pictures this past Fall with Dana riding, but I didn't get around to it. Chief is doing great! He is a sweet and inquisitive horse! We sure enjoy him!

Amber V.
Raleigh, NC

Trail OBS Clinic

Clinic Testimonial:
We attended the Trail OBS Clinic by Lynn Decker at Her place. We had a great time! Lynn was excellent! She worked with each Individual and there horse at there own level. She seemed to zero in on the problem and give you tools that you could use based on your own abilities. The farm is beautiful and we couldn't have had a more gracious host. We met some very interesting new people, some involved with the Mustang Heritage foundation, and spent time with old friends. Over all it was an excellent experience! I would like to thank Renee and Jerry for setting up the event. I am looking forward to the Tom Curtain Clinic that will be held at Dream Weaver Farms in November. If anyone can get the chance to spend some time or attend an event at Dream Weaver Farms, I feel sure you will come away from it a better horseman.

Shannon and Mike A.
Pulaski, VA

Horse Trainer

Horse Training Testimonial:
I just wanted to thank you so much for such a great visit with the boys!!! We are so happy with their progress, and can't wait to see what you can do with them in the months ahead. I can't get over the change in Gunner, and it makes me take a sigh of relief that you don't find him to be dangerous or unpredictable. I have certainly done him a disservice by buying into all of that, and I'm kicking myself for letting others talk me into being afraid of him (more than I was on my own). So thank you for bridging the gap, and I'm hoping to have many happy years on the trail (and now in the arena) with him. We also appreciate you taking the time to work with us. I know you're incredibly busy, and it was nice of you to take time out of your day to ride with us, and show us all their new buttons!! Have a great day and please kiss their noses for me.

Tracy and Matt K.
Suffolk, VA.

Mustang Training

Mustang Training Testimonial:
The five year old Mustang we delivered to Lynn was overweight, stubborn, lazy and disrespectful. It was frustrating to work with and ride him, because we weren’t making any progress. Eight weeks later, the (same!) horse we picked up was at perfect weight, was respectful and extremely responsive to leg aids, the bit, and other cues. He has wonderful ground manners, and is a joy to be around and ride. I can’t say enough about what a great decision it was to bring him to Dreamweaver Farms and have Lynn “fix” him!

Richmond, VA

Mare Training

Horse Training Testimonial:
Almost one year ago today, we saw Dolly for the first time. We could tell in a short amount of time she was friendly, curious, and a bit on the lazy side. But because we were purchasing the horse for my 11 year old daughter, Amanda, we were willing to look past the laziness. As we got to know Dolly better, her lazy and unruly behavior was a problem. She wasn’t responsive to Amanda’s commands and trail riding was frustrating when she refused to cross water, move faster than a walk, unless she was headed back to the barn, and worse yet, she actually reared. We knew we had to do something.

Having just moved to the area, we began looking for someone to help us through Dolly’s difficulties. We were recommended by a friend to give Lynn a call. Lynn kept Dolly for 30 days. During that period, we made frequent visits to see Dolly. We barely recognized our horse. Dolly was lowering her head for Amanda to put on her bridal, and for the first time she was respectful of Amanda’s space and moving backward quite well. Her ground manners had definitely improved. By the following visit we were able to observe Dolly under saddle. Amanda, with Lynn’s direction, was able to move Dolly from a walk to a trot, and then something we had never seen her do--a complete gallop, and she was able to hold her pace for a period of time. WOW!

By the end of the 30 days, Dolly was picking up on leg cues, side passing and doing very well responding to Amanda’s every command. In 30 days we saw great improvement and as a result, Dolly has been enjoyable to ride and we couldn’t imagine our life without her. Lynn was wonderful in helping us understand and know how to continue Dolly’s training so that we could keep the results. We would definitely recommend Lynn’s training program.

Angie H.
Bland, VA

Mustang Horse Training

Mustang Training Testimonial:
In the summer of 2007 we adopted a wild mustang from the Land Management Bureau of the US Government, whose program saves the wild mustangs and burros. Being new to this type of horse, my husband and I realized that our knowledge of training such a beautiful creature was limited, and we needed to seek assistance. It was our great fortune to find Dreamweaver Farm in Speedwell, Va.

Our Bella was enrolled in the training program under the guidance of Lynn Decker, a true horse whisperer. Words cannot express our gratitude for the devoted care that our mustang received at the facility. Lynn's knowledge and understanding of techniques that work with horses is awesome, to say the least. Part of what impressed me the most is the honesty shown to the client. Lynn will tell you at the end of the first week of training if she thinks she can work with your horse. With our Bella, she assured us that with patience and structure, Bella will prove to be a horse that will show us respect and trust. Lynn was correct. Bella has returned to our farm and is gentle, trusting and indicates to us that she wants to be a part of the farm life.

Our personal dream of having a mustang that we can provide a safe environment for has come true through our experience at Dreamweaver Farm. Lynn welcomed me to come to the training sessions that she had with Bella, and by this sharing I have learned immensely the techniques and the trusting gestures that are needed to enjoy my time with such a wonderful horse as Bella.

Sparta, VA

Natural horse trainers

Dream Weaver Farms Review:
We bought our horse in 2008 from a trainer that took him on a trade for training another horse. He was a beautiful AQHA registered red dun, and there was something about him that stole our heart; we named him Luke. We had him green broke by the trainer that owned him at the time. After a few months of us seeing the trainer ride Luke, we knew something was missing. Roger decided to take him on a trail ride. He worked him in the ring first and tried flexing him and warming him up. For some reason, after several hours of riding, Luke decided to “take off”, and take off he did. That kind of behavior was just not acceptable to us.

We contemplated selling him, because we didn’t want a horse we couldn’t trust or one who didn’t have the proper groundwork or manners. Even though he was young, 4 at the time, we knew that kind of behavior would only get worse. Then a friend of mine told me about Lynn Decker. I Emailed her and right away I got a response back from Lynn to come by and look her training facilities over, talk about our concerns with Luke, and decide if we wanted her to spend some time with him.

We went to Wytheville to meet with them. Lynn and Steve were so friendly, it seemed like we knew them forever. They have a great training facility and love horses. We decided we would give them a try.

We took Luke to them in early June 2009. Lynn first accessed him as not having much groundwork; he couldn’t flex very well, and was very sensitive in his hindquarters. She had her vet check him out, and told us he needed his teeth floated, which we did and it seemed to help. We also had him shod for the very first time, which he was great about, and now was ready to ride. Lynn spent time accessing him, looking for signs that might make him sore, in pain or anything that would hinder the training process. She found nothing and started ground working him.

She encouraged us to come by as often as we could and spend some time. She showed us how to ground work him, and get the respect from him that he so wanted to give. It was amazing watching her and the natural skills she has with horses. In one month, Luke was not only respectful; he was a much happier horse. He wants to please, he just didn’t know how. We have him home now and he ties, stands, flexes, bathes, loads, knows his space versus our space, lunges, and rides great! If we had more time, we would have left him for another month as Lynn was getting him to side step, could open a gate off of him and much more. He trail rides great, when he sees or hears deer or something new, he doesn’t bolt and has that natural trust once you bond with him.

I know now that if we have any problems in the future, with any of our horses, Lynn is the only trainer I would go to.

Roger and Deb Bench
Bluefield, VA

Riding horses

Horse Training Testimonial:
Moe was fantastic on our ride, after we got him home. There is still a little of the stubbornness in him, but when I push him he gives in and goes on. He is so confident - he goes into and over anything, and he listens to my legs and hands so well considering where he is in his experience. We rode again today on the new river trail and he was a champ. You got him so far in 4 weeks - I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you did. Thanks so much - I have a horse to ride!!!

Thanks again for all of the work you did with Moe - you really did a wonderful job. Now I just want to stay home from work and ride.

Virginia M.
Radford, VA

Colt Starting

Horse Training Testimonial:
I bought Bojangles, my ‘dream horse’ as a yearling. At that time I had 14 years of experience riding all kinds of horses and had owned several different breeds. I primarily ride English and enjoy eventing, dressage, trail riding and fox hunting. My riding has slowed down with 2 small children but I did some ground work with Bojangles when I had time. Now 3 years later it was time for Bojangles to go under saddle, but due to a previous bad fall on another horse, we decided a trained professional should start him. I found Lynn on the Internet and contacted her. Her and her husband Steve seemed to say all the right things and she invited me to visit her facilities and watch her in action. I was very impressed! She made everything black and white for the horse and for the human. I really liked how she emphasized safety and it didn’t seem to matter what level rider you were, your horse still had to behave appropriately.

Throughout Bojangles’ training, Lynn kept me informed of his progress. I was invited to visit whenever I could. The first time I saw Lynn lope him under saddle, I almost cried! Then she exhaled and they did a perfect stop. On later visits, I was encouraged to ride Bojangles. Lynn did an amazing job. Bojangles really matured during his stay with them, he is responsive about cues but calm about new things. It was worth every penny! I highly recommend Lynn for starting young horses, as well as retraining problem ones..

Rachel R.

Horse training reviews

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