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Horse Training, Colt Starting,
Ground Work and Foundation

Does your horse have any of these problems:

Rearing, Kicking or Biting?

Bad manners and general lack of respect like
running over you, or pushing you around and won't behave?

Is your horse barn sour or refuses to leave other horses?

Will your horse run away with you for no reason?

Does your horse balk and refuse to go forward,
or w
on't stop, turn or go where you want?

Is your horse stiff or heavy and hard in the mouth?

Is your horse out of control or you have no control at all?

Let Lynn Decker help you
before you or your horse gets hurt!

Natural Horse Training, VA My Horse Training Resume and Clinics I have attended.
I study the methods and techniques of many different horsemen and women and select what it is about each of their programs that makes
the most sense to me. Some of these Natural Horsemanship trainers include: Richard Winters, Julie Goodnight, Chris Cox, Ray Hunt, Tom Curtin, Buck Brannaman, and the legendary Jack Brainard.

Richard Winters
2014 - 2 Day Advancing Horsemanship with Obstacles.
Overall refinement of advanced maneuvers..

Jack Brainard
2014 - Six Principles of Horsemanship
More refinement of the Lead Change and control of the individual parts of the horse.

2012 - 4 Day Mastering the Flying Lead Change Clinic-
If you don't know how to do a flying lead change, you don't know JACK!! I am honored to get to work with Mr. Jack. He is the master of Western Dressage and The Flying Lead Change. I have attended two 4 day Advanced Horsemanship Clinics with Jack to refine my communication skills with the horse. During the clinic we worked on the foundation of the piaffe, spins and Spanish walk. We practiced the refinement of haunches in/out, shoulder in/out, rollbacks and quiet collected transitions as well as the flying lead change.

Tom Curtin
2009 - 3 Day Colt Starting Clinic, and a 3 day Horsemanship Clinic.
I learned how to start a colt in a group setting and continue his training in horsemanship.

2009 - 3 Day Roping Clinic.
Tom taught me to be a better horseman and to have more patience when asking a horse to do a task. I went from never touching a lariat, to roping a cow on the third day.

2010, 2011, 2012 - 2 Day Horsemanship Clinics
In these clinics, I learned the mechanics of the horses movement. Feel and timing, and the importance of the footfall. Something I highly emphasis and now teach in my own clinics.

Popular Australian Trainer
2007- 3 Day Clinic - Basic Respect and Control on the ground and under Saddle.
In this clinic I learned step- by-step techniques and the foundation of my training success.

2008 - 2 Week Colt Starting Clinic
I learned how to properly and safely start a colt using pressure and release techniques. I also learned how to use sensitizing and desensitizing exercises to get a horse to use the thinking side of his brain, and to follow you confidently as his leader..

Extreme American Mustang MakeoverThe American Mustang
2008-Extreme Mustang Makeover

One of my strongest and most influential teachers has been the American Mustang. I participated in the Extreme Mustang Makeover in
Fort Worth, TX. This competition tests the horsemanship skills of trainers from all across the country, who take a wild American Mustang from untouched, to competing in hand and under saddle in just 90 days. One of the Mustangs I have worked with is pictured to the right. To
see more about Jimbo, please see this page: American Mustang Jimbo

I am also certified in the Trainer Incentive Program (TIP) for the Mustang Heritage Foundation and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). For more information on American Mustang TIP trainers please go here: www.mustangheritagefoundation.org.

My Horse Training Philosophy
From studying with and learning from many great Natural Horsemanship masters, such as Richard Winters, Jack Brainard, Chris Cox and Tom Curtin and practicing NH in the training of many horses for several years, I have honed a training philosophy that is simple: horse handling and riding should be fun and safe, and horse training should be gentle and loving, but not without rules and boundaries. For more information about these trainers' methods, see Horse trainers I've learned from and their training techniques below. For testimonials from our clients, please see our Horse Training Review page.

At Dream Weaver Farms, we help clients and their horses who live all of the United States, including: Washington DC, Burkesville, KY, Ripley & Flat Top, WV, Nashville, TN, Raleigh and Rocky Mt, NC, and Spotsylvania, Bumpass, Blacksburg, Pembroke, Elliston, Max Meadows, Virginia Beach, Roanoke, Newport, Riner, New Castle, Covesville, Fairlawn, Galax and Elk Creek, VA, plus many more areas both near and far.

Safe and Affordable
Horse Training Solutions

Spooky Horse Training, despookTune-ups and Problem Solving:
I enjoy the challenge of creating a safe, obedient horse that will go where you point him, maintain the gait and speed you ask for, will not become fixated on other horses and respond promptly when you give him a cue.

Keep in mind that some horses move along much quicker than others. I like to teach them several ground work exercises first, to help build trust and develop a bond that will help when riding. I work a lot on flexing and giving to halter pressure and then the bit. Under saddle I work on speed control, changes of direction, listening to my leg and seat, and then I move the horse out on the trail. This again all depends on the progress of the horse. Because of that, I would definitely recommend at least 2 months for a solid foundation. By the third month, I am usually getting very consistent and positive results, changes of direction, listening to my leg and
seat, and then I move the horse out on the trail. This again all depends on the progress of the horse.

As soon as I have basic control of a horse, I begin working on different obstacles and spooky objects that might be seen on an average trail ride. My obstacles are: creek and bridge crossings, going into the pond, log crossing, opening gates, riding on steep terrains, wildlife exposure, wooded and brushy trails, dog exposure, traffic/tractor/ATV exposure, loping in open fields and flapping objects. I can also trailer a horse to nearby trails at your request.

Colt Starting TrainingColt Starting:
Some people call training a young horse to ride "horse breaking" but I like to call it "Colt Starting." When I start a colt, I treat each one as if he is my own. Every horse has his or her own personality and disposition, so I use a different approach for each individual. You can be sure that your horse will be given a solid foundation, both on the ground and under saddle, that will carry through in his training for years to come, no matter what discipline..

Every horse is different, and they all learn at a different pace. I use Natural Horsemanship techniques and exercises of pressure and release when starting a colt, and I can teach them to you so that you can continue training with your horse when you get him home. This gives him structure and ensures he is a quiet, respectable horse that will take you where you want to go. Whether you are taking him in the show ring or down your favorite trail, he will be ready for the challenge.

Pricing for Tune-ups, Problem Solving
and Colt Starting:

$675.00 per month, or $200.00 per week and Full Board is included.
Full payment is due at the beginning of each month/week.

$175.00 deposit is required to hold next available monthly training spot.
NOTE: We do not have facilities for Stallions.

If you are interested in having your
horse trained at Dream Weaver Farms,
Please Download and Fill Out our Training Contract

and Contact Lynn Decker to set up a training schedule for your horse.

Horse Training and Colt Starting
Some of the Natural Horsemanship
Training Methods that Lynn Decker Uses

Horse trainers Lynn Decker has learned from
and some of their horse training techniques:

When starting colts and working with problem horses, I use step-by-step methods. These methods are not only easy for my clients to follow, they also teach them how to handle their horse safely, both on the ground and under saddle, and see immediate results.

Jack Brainard: Jack is a legendary trainer and the master of the flying lead change. He instructs 4 day clinics across the country and helps in refinement techniques with your horse and helps you get to that next level.

Richard Winters:
Richard is an excellent trainer in natural horsemanship. He helps people by teaching them useful techniques on how to work with their horses. He has been helping people though clinics, horse expos and training DVDs for over 30 years. "Richard is a performance horse trainer with a natural horsemanship touch.".

Tom Curtin: Mr. Tom has taught me as a trainer to pay attention to the horse. With the great horseman Ray Hunt being his predecessor, Tom continues his legacy as a great teacher, who shows softness and feel. He has a great understanding of the horse and where it is mentally. He opens your eyes to how the horse feels about himself when he is around you.
Read about the Tom Curtin clinic held at Dream Weaver Farms in 2012.

Chris Cox: I also love what Chris Cox has to offer. His impressive riding abilities and finesse with the horses, is something every horse owner strives for. I like to attend his clinics and learn new techniques when working with horses, especially problem horses.

Julie Goodnight: I think communication is very important when working with horses. Julie has taught me that sometimes our tools can help or hurt us and offers suggestions and recommendations to better communicate for a happier horse.

If you are interested in having your horse trained
at Dream Weaver Farms, please
Contact Lynn Decker

Dream Weaver Farms

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