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Riding Lessons and Clinics

Richard Winters
Three Day Horsemanship Clinic:

Advancing Horsemanship
With Cattle

October 7-9, 2016

For more information on this great clinic,
see our
Horse Training Clinic page

Horse Back Riding Lessons VA Riding Lessons
Gaining respect and control
with your horse.

Dream Weaver Farms offers private riding lessons and natural horsemanship lessons, on the ground and under saddle. Our rates are by the hour and include, in some cases, catching the horse, grooming, and tacking up and un-tacking a horse.

Beginner level students will naturally spend more time in the grooming up/down phases and learning ground handling skills, which will lessen their riding time. More advanced students who are more efficient in the tacking up and down process, will have more riding time. Students who are more efficient in the tacking up and down process, will have more riding time.

Beginner starter lessons through intermediate riding
Private lessons Ages 12 -Adult
Sessions include grooming, handling the horse on the ground around the stables, tack and equipment, general basic riding skills on the lunge line and/or riding arena.

$25.00 per hour with your horse. 2 hr minimum.
For more information Contact Dreams Weaver Farms.

All participants in our Riding Lessons and Clinics programs are required to fill out and sign our Dream Weaver Farms Equine Release and Hold Harmless Agreement.

Trail Riding ClinicsRiding Clinics:
We offer horsemanship clinics to help riders and their horses better communicate.
Examples of our clinics include:
Basic Horsemanship
Trail Obstacles/De-spooking
Help me love to Trail Ride
Respect on the Ground

Price: Determined by Clinic Design
Half day, one or two days of instruction with your horse 9 AM - until. Question and answer sessions with Lynn; individual help as needed.

Clinic Requirements:
You must be able to walk and trot your horse
Your horse must be rideable and manageable
Your horse must be in good health, good weight, and no lameness
Your horse must have current negative Coggins (1 yr)
Positive attitude and desire to have a fantastic time with your horse!

If you are on any type of medications that come with a warning:
"Do not operate heavy machinery or operate a vehicle" or alters your ability to
make decisions, you are not allowed to participate in any horse-related activities.
Photo permissions: you give us the right to take photos of you and/or your horse
and use them in our publications or website.

Equipment Requirements:

For ground work clinics, you will need a rope halter and a 14 foot lead rope.
Loaners are available, and we also have our own line of
Training Halters and Lead Ropes for sale.
For ground work clinics you will need a stick and string.
Loaners are available, and we also have our own line of
Heavy Duty Training Stick and String combos for sale.
Headstall with D-ring or O-ring snaffle bit, chin strap,
and Loop or Mecate reins are recommended.
Bridles, Bits and Reins for sale.
Saddle/saddle pads (western-type are recommended but not required)
Feed/hay, grooming supplies, water buckets.

Horse Care Requirements:
Please bring your own shavings.
For sanitary reasons, please bring your own water and feed buckets.
Please muck your own stalls and pick up any trash before leaving.

For Everyone's Safety:
Dogs and pets must be restrained.
NOTE: We do not have facilities for Stallions.

Registration Form:

To secure your spot in one of our clinics, first contact Dream Weaver Farms about horse clinic pricing, then fill out the Clinic Registration Form and our Equine Release and Hold Harmless Agreement, and include your clinic fee (check or money order) payable to Lynn Decker and mail both both forms and payment to:

Lynn Decker
733 Zion Church Rd
Crockett, VA 24323

Refunds for cancellations only available when replacement can be found for registered participant.

Find my clinic schedule and up-to-date information on Facebook. If you see a clinic you would be interested in or have other interests, please fill out the Dream Weaver Farms Contact Form.

Richard Winters Horsemanship Clinic

We will be hosting a Richard Winters Horsemanship Clinic: For more information, see our
Horse Training Clinic Page
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733 Zion Church Rd, Crockett, VA 24323
276-686-6647 or 276-620-1221

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